Games for Android Phones & Tablets
Twist Untwist

Shuffle the positions of buttons to make sure no lines cross each other or any buttons.

The game starts with easy twists. Untwist the easy twists firsts, learn strategies from them and go for the harder ones in higher numbers. Altogether 1000 brain teasers for you to untwist.

Blocks 3D

Find a way to fill the 3D structures with the given blocks. Each puzzle has one and only one solution.

There are 3000 puzzles in 3 difficulty levels, easy, medium and hard. And with 2000 more levels in the bonus pack (making it 5000 free puzzles overall), you will never run out of puzzles.

Carrom 3D

Carrom 3D will give you the experience of playing with a real carrom board on your android phone and android tablet.

You can play with the automatic machine (with difficulty levels beginner, intermediate, or expert ), or with a friend using the same phone or using another android phone/tablet in the same wifi network.

Stick Arts

You can't bend sticks more than a right angle... That is the only rule in the game.

Stick Arts is a simple puzzle game for android phones and tablets that challenge players to draw geometric shapes with pieces of stick.

Colored Bricks

This is the first tetris like 4 color match game in the android market with Online highscores.

The rules of the game are simple and very similar to tetris. (At the first run of the game, you can play an interactive tutorial to learn the rules).